Stainless Gorget

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While dog-collar style gorgets are an anachronism, they are an econimical and effective form of neck protection for modern martial practitioners seeking neck and cervical protection that meets the requirements of modern combat activities (Including SCA heavy, rapier, C&T as well as most WMA/Hema groups).

WTC's gorgets have earned a reputation for being well-made and for being able to acheive a good fit for most customers off the shelf with a large range of sizes. These gorgets are hand-made right here in Vermont and are not imported.

*New for 2015* - WTC's stainless gorgets have been updated, putting the experience and feedback gained from thousands made and sold to good use by revising the pattern and adding some oft-requested features such as folding the suede lining over the top of the plates for comfort and adding a flared edge to the hanging front plate to increase mobility. The new design also provides much more overlap between front and rear plates and a new strapping arrangement should eliminate gapping. The result is an even better fitting and comfortable gorget while maintaining the core design that has been so popular.

These gorgets are made of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel with 4-5oz suede leather lining, solid shank hammer-peined copper rivets and high quality latigo straps. Special attention is paid to properly rounding the edges of the steel plates, gorgets shouldn't be sharp!


< --- Shown left is the "lobster tail" variant which adds an extra plate to provide additional spinal protection.

Extra-Extra Small - 12"-13.5" neck circumference / ~2.6" tall
Extra Small - 13.5"-15" neck circumference / ~2.4" tall
Small - 15" - 16.5" neck circumference / ~2.2" tall
Medium - 16.5" - 18.5" neck circumference / ~2" tall
Large - 18.5" - 20" neck circumference / ~1.8" tall
Extra Large - 20" - 22" neck circumference / ~1.6" tall



Stainless Gorget with Lobster Tail - $75

Lobster Tail Option

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