Brigandine Gorget

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Brigandine gorgets are a bit of an anachronism as for the most part plate neck defenses were not used in the 14th century. Instead, maille was generally the primary defense for the neck and throat. However, to suit the needs of modern practitioners who require rigid throat protection, this brigandine gorget is a plate defense for the neck and collarbones that utilizes the same style and construction of other contemporary armours such as coats of plates and brigandines.

These gorgets are constructed with premium 6oz. chrome oil tanned leather which is hand-stitched together with waxed linen thread and reinforced with 18 and 16 gauge mild steel plates that are painted to prevent rust. Heat-treated spring steel is available for an additional cost. The rivets are solid-shank hand peined brass for durability and authenticity. The buckles are solid brass.

These gorgets meet the minimum required for neck and throat protection set out by the SCA and most WMA and related groups. These gorgets, due to the increase collarbone and shoulder protection when compared with our standard stainless gorget are particularly suited to practitioners and groups who may prefer to utilize gambesons and minimal armour for lighter practice rather than full harness. That said, these brigandine gorgets also function perfectly well as part of a full 14th century harness.

*New for 2015*

WTC's brig gorget has been revised with experience and feedback gained over several years and many hundreds of brig gorgets sold. The biggest change is that the leather now overlaps over the collar plates which significantly improves comfort. The pattern has also been revised to provide a closer and better fit, increasing mobility while maintaining coverage. The amount of overlap between the front and rear sections has also been significantly increased to eliminate gapping issues when the gorget needs to be loosened for the wearer.


Small - 13" to 15" neck circumference
Medium - 15" to 17" neck circumference
Large - 17" to 19" neck cirfumcerence
Extra Large 19" to 22" neck circumference


Brigandine Gorget - $140

Leather Color

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