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Gorget - $75

Our most popular item, WTC gorgets are made of stainless steel and while anachronistic, meet the requirements of throat and neck protection within the SCA and most WMA and related groups.

Made in sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL - All sizes are READY TO SHIP!

Click photo for details and ordering.

"Brigandine" Gorget - $140

A brigandine gorget provides neck and collar protection using steel plates riveted to a leather shell while maintaining an appearance appropriate for 14th century armour.

Made in sizes : S, M, L - In production - We anticipate that we will have brigs ready to go in mid December, 2020.

Brigandine Gorget
Click photo for details and ordering.

*Sept 15th, 2020 Announcement:*

We are pleased to announce that full production has resumed on the stainless steel gorgets and that shipping will be swift and sure. We have an excellent quantity in stock and can reliably send out every size as needed. We are continuing to develop our version of the brigantine gorget and anticipate that these will be ready in early 2021.

Jordan Weinstein
Chief Armorer
Winter Tree Crafts


*Feb 15th, 2020 Announcement:*

Greetings esteemed customer,

I'd like to introduce myself as the new chief armorer of Winter Tree Crafts. Erik and I have known each other for several decades since his participation in our production of the Vermont Renaissance Festival and in his formative years as an armorer when he worked for me as an apprentice over a summer. I have been his adviser over that time and have admired his growth as an artisan and as a self possessed person forging his life carefully and well. So when he became aware that his time as a production armorer needed to come to a close I was ready to take on the challenge of sustaining the integrity and craftsmanship that he has built into his products. He and I have worked for months through multiple revisions and production samples to build an excellent gorget with a similar fit and finish to the originals that he designed and made over the years. In my time as the chief armorer of Dark Victory, I have worked with steel artisans who have executed my own designs for steel bascinets, shield, and sword baskets. Working with these effective makers, I am confident that we will be able to maintain the same quality that the fighting world has learned to trust over Erik's tenure.

Our practice is to make large batches of product and keep them in stock for immediate shipment. To streamline this process we will only be making the lobster-tail style with a price set at $75 for all sizes. Our production is ramping up and we are eagerly awaiting their completion and arrival. We are filling orders placed after February 8th from our existing stock which as of today includes: non lobstertails sizes XS, L, & XL (made by Erik) and production samples of the lobster-tail styles in XS, L & XL.
Please be aware that this transition will mean that the wait times on gorgets for the initial (startup) weeks between February and March could be longer than expected. If you have a pressing deadline sooner than this please reach out to us so that we may discuss the options.

Erik has taken on a perfect challenge for his formidable intellect and has become the director of the Perkin Observatory and an educator at the Dublin School. This is a great next step, I am very excited for him!

I am happy to be a part of the tradition of quality that Erik has established in Winter Tree and look forward to working for you to provide excellent gorgets.

Jordan Weinstein
Chief Armorer
Winter Tree Crafts


*January 1st, 2020 Announcement:*
Winter Tree Crafts LLC is in the process of being sold to a new owner. After making armour for around 15 years, I am hanging up the hammers due to accumulated wear and tear on my body and joints to start a new career in Physics and Astronomy. I have spent the past several months working with the buyer to transfer WTC's intellectual property, specifically my gorget patterns and design, to their supplier and to iterate test pieces and batches to ensure that they met my standard for quality. The new owner will continue making and selling WTC gorgets, however there are no plans to revive WTC's custom spring steel armour at this time. The last day to order a gorget made by Erik Schmitt will be January 15th. All outstanding orders (including group and bulk orders placed before that deadline) will be completed. As of Jan 1st, I should have sufficient inventory on-hand to cover anticipated orders. If I do run out of stock, lead times may be as long as 1 month. The reason for this is I have already begun working a new job and thus am not able to spend much time in the workshop.
Thank you to the thousands of customers over the years who supported WTC by purchasing its products. It is my estimation that somewhere around 3,500 gorgets, perhaps as many as 4,000, are out there bearing protecting necks and bearing WTC's maker's mark. I never imagined something like that when I began this business 15 years ago. While I will be stepping away from the business entirely, I am confident the new owner will continue the standard for excellent and reliable customer service and a well-designed and executed product.


"Erik's spring steel armour fills the bill for the Western Martial Artist interested in period armoured combat. It's not just strong, well-made, and affordable - it looks medieval. And it's crafted by someone who's a truly ethical and reliable businessman. You simply can't go wrong here."

- Christian Henry Tobler, Selohaar Fechtschule

"Winter Tree Crafts is Erik Schmitt's love affair with armour, and that passion shows in his attention to his customers. The armour is what you ordered, when you ordered it, and is durable, comfortable and based on historical designs. But the extra touch is Erik's attention to staying in touch with the client, giving them updates and checking in after the fact to see how the harness is holding up. It is that something extra that means a lot. If you are looking for those critical safety components for fencing, such as gorgets, or early 14th century harness, WTC and Erik are good place to put your trust."

- Gregory Mele, Chicago Swordplay Guild

"Our group has used Winter Tree gorgets for several years now.  Erik provides great customer service and fast turnaround.  We never hesitate to recommend his work." 

- Shay Roberts, Academy of Arms