*2019 Production Information*

For 2019 I aim to return to having stainless gorgets in-stock and to have enough brigandine gorget parts on the shelf that I can quickly rivet plates to the appropriate color leather for a quick turnaround. Therefore orders of stainless gorgets will generally ship within a few days and brigs within a week. However, as the mid-year busy season approaches, I anticipate that volume of orders will empty my inventory and once again exceed the rate at which I am able to make them, given I must split my time between tending our land and working in the shop. Therefore please anticipate an average 2 week lead time that may in some cases stretch out towards 3 weeks and plan accordingly.

For the past several years, I have been on "hiatus" from custom spring steel armour work as my wife and I endeavored to complete an overly-ambitious timber frame home and workshop (down to milling every board ourselves). While that project is at long last nearing completion, many assumptions and plans have changed over that time. As a result, this year I have made the decision that my "hiatus" from custom armour will be permanent and upon completion of our homestead I will not be returning to being a full-time armourer. After swinging hammers for almost 15 years, my joints have sufferred enough wear and tear that returning to full-time armour production at the necessary pace to make a decent living will likely be short-lived and likely crippling to my ability to engage in my various crafts even as hobbies when I am grey-haired.

I will still be making gorgets on a part-time basis as that is an ideal fit for the scheduling flexibility needed to re-train for a different career and to revamp my credentials. Over the past several years I have begun to aspire to a career in astrophysics, and thus I have quite a few years of part-time classes ahead of me in order to convert my academic background (a BA in history) to something qualified for STEM. Thank you to the thousands of customers who, in exchange for protecting their necks, have enabled me to grow a humble little shop into a full-time business that in turn has allowed me to discover and persue greater ambitions.