*2018 Production Information*

At this time I am only making stainless and brigandine gorgets for public sale. The volume of orders and other demands on my time are such that I rarely have any inventory on hand. Every time I get a few on the shelf ya'll buy them within a few days. (A fortunate problem to have) so please expect that when you place your order it will be placed on a queue and made during the next batch of gorgets that I try to do every few weeks. Average lead time between ordering and shipping is about 2 weeks.

As for everything non-gorget, My wife and I began building a big, beautiful timber frame barn-home with a large workshop back in 2014 and we were enormously naive about the amount of time it would take to complete the project, especially given we are doing nearly everything entirely ourselves (even milling our own lumber now that we have the capability to do so). For this reason I went on hiatus from custom spring-steel armour work. While the construction project is finally nearing completion, we aren't quite there yet so that hiatus continues.

Furthermore, those customers who have been waiting for me to fully re-open may wish to explore other options at this time. Over the past few years, assumptions and plans have evolved such that when the construction project is complete I intend to return to school to persue advanced degrees in Physics (engineering as a backup, but hopefully physics). It is as of yet uncertain whether I will be doing so part-time, in which case I may be taking on limited commissions if I have time in between keeping up with gorgets, or if I will be doing so full-time in which case I will likely be permenently closing the custom armour side of the business. The gorgets are a reliable source of income with very flexible hours, so I intend to keep that portion of the business open for several more years until I am sufficiently far along in my acedemic training to transition to new endeavors.

Thank you to the thousands of customers who, in exchange for protecting their necks, have enabled me to make my shop a full-time business that in turn has allowed me to discover and persue greater ambitions.