Wisby Coat of Plates

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This Wisby Coat of Plates (CoP) is modeled after the Wisby Type 1 finds from the Battle of Wisby in 1361.

This CoP is constructed with a high degree of historical authenticity in mind and uses premium 5-6oz chrome oil tanned leather with 18 gauge mild steel plates that are primed and painted to prevent rust. The plates are riveted to the leather shell with brass solid shank rivets that are hammer-peined. No pop rivets or jiffy rivets here!

The mild steel plates can be replaced with 18 gauge stainless steel for an additional cost, please contact us with measurements for a quote.

The shoulder seam is double-stitched for durability with waxed linen thread. *Large CoP's may use multiple pieces of leather stitched together to form the shell.*

WTC's standard CoP features a dagged bottom edge as shown in these pictures. Bottom edge can be left plain (straight) by request. Armoured dags (dags with metal plates riveted to the back) are also available at extra cost to provide protection for the hips.

The Wisby type 1 CoP's usually require assistance to put on and as is shown right, are secured with a strap at the small of the back and a leather thong laced through d-rings at the upper back. All hardware is made by hand from steel rod and welded for strength. The hardware is left black from the fire and waxed for corrosion resistance.

Average CoP weight for small to medium CoP is 7-10 lbs. Dags can nearly double the weight of the CoP.



Wisby Coat of Plates - $300-$525

*Not currently taking new orders, see this*