Splinted Arm Harness

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This splinted arm harness attaches our standard rondel couter to a splinted rerebrace and vanbrace via floating leather articulation.

All splints are heat-treated .040" 1050 medium carbon steel and are riveted to 8-9oz. English Bridle leather with solid shank brass rivets. English Bridle leather uses a greater amount of waxes and tallows for excellent moisture and sweat resistance in addition to the inherent durability and strength of bridle leather.

The splints alternate from interior to exterior in a fashion shown on many effigies from the mid 14th century. Shown below and right is the rerebrace and vanbrace with leather articulation without the couter.

These splinted arms come fully strapped with hand-made welded steel double-lobed buckles. The strapping is attached internally and is fed through a slot in the leather foundation to be as low-profile and durable as possible.





Splinted Arm Harness - $525 *Not currently taking new orders, see this*