Hand-forged ring belts

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These ring belts use premium 8-9 oz. English Bridle leather with beveled edges and a high quality oil edge dye that won't run or rub off on your clothing. English Bridle has a greater amount of tallows and waxes and thus has excellent moisture resistance and is a "wetter" feeling leather that will last quite a long time and not bleed onto your clothing.

The buckle is made in-house and is a hand-forged and welded steel ring with steel tongue. The buckle is attached to the belt via copper belt rivets that are solid shanked and hammer-peined.

When you place your order, please specify your waist measurement and 5 holes will be punched in the belt with the center hole being at the waist measurement you provide and a sufficient "tail" left to allow the belt to hang to the knee.

Ring Belt - $35

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