PDF instruction booklets

These .PDF instruction booklets were made by Mad Matt's Armory and I am pleased to have partnered with him to offer these booklets here.

Have sticker shock? Are you the DIY sort? Have more time than money? These booklets may be just the ticket for you. They contain patterns, detailed instructions and plentiful images on how to make most of the necessary components of your own splinted harness. Please note that these instructions utilize Mad Matt's own designs and products and will not produce items that match what is shown elsewhere on this site. Please see the pictures below for what the finished products will be. Also, WTC merely handles sales of these packets, any detailed questions or technical support should be directed to Mad Matt's Amory.

To order, simply purchase through our shopping cart and I will e-mail you the .PDF file(s) to the e-mail address provided with your order. These .PDFs are not to be resold or re-distributed. Please support the craftsman who took the time to make these and purchase legitimately.

Full set of all instruction booklets - $40

Kussnach Coat of Plates Instruction Booklet - $10







14th Century Spaulders Instruction Booklet

Coming Soon!








Soupcan Knees and Elbows Instruction Booklet - $10








Splinted Arms Instruction Booklet - $10








Splinted Cuisses Instruction Booklet - $10



*Please note, photo shows splinted cuisse with soupcan knee, booklet only covers the cuisse portion*





Splinted Greaves Instruction Booklet - $10