pembridge great helm

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This Great Helm is modeled after the Pembridge Great Helm and features a central crease on the front of the helm that dissapates into the helm cap. For the modern practitioner the helm pictured shows plentiful breath holes on both the left and right sides of the helm. The bottom edge has also been given a generous roll for rigidity and comfort/safety.

This helm is constructed of .062" 1050 medium carbon steel. This gives the helm a weight of 8-9 lbs for a medium to large head.

Also pictured are WTC's perforated steel occulars. This perf-plate is hand-made in-house out of the same heat-treated spring steel as the rest of the helm and is both welded and riveted in place, providing durable and reliable protection for the eyes and enabling this helm to be used with blunt metal blades.


Lastly, this helm can be ordered with either an internal leather suspension with integrated two-piece chin-strap (pictured left) or with a series of very small holes around the circumference of the brow through which a textile liner can be sewn (chin-strap is separate). Lastly, the helm can also be ordered "bucket only" which omites both the leather suspension and stitching holes and will come only with the two-part chin-strap.

Each helm is made to order. Minor customizations (breath hole pattern, occular size) can be made. Please check the production queue for estimated lead time and please go to our sizing page for directions in providing measurements.



Pembridge Great Helm - $650-$850

*Not currently taking new orders, see this*