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*Updated Production Anouncement for Fall 2016*

Gorgets are still available but the hiatus from custom and spring steel armor continues!

Back in 2014 I went on "hiatus" from custom work and all of my spring steel armour work due to the brilliant descision to build a an ambitious timber frame new barn-home with a large workshop and get married in the same year. As my wife and I are building everything ourselves (including milling our own lumber at this stage) it has taken far longer than we naively anticipated. While we were able to move in during the summer of 2015, construction is ongoing and thus I am still not quite full-time in the metal shop. We're getting there though, should only be another year before we are "done-ish".

In the meantime, since the volume of gorget orders continues to increase, I have been unable to catch up enough to keep up an inventory for years now and thus every 2 weeks or so I make a batch of gorgets to cover the orders that have come in during the previous 2 weeks.

Therefore please expect a lead time of about 2 weeks between when you place your order and when your gorget ships. During October and November the lead time may be as much as 3 weeks as I wrap up as much exterior construction work as possible before winter.

Thank you all for your continued patience and business.


"Erik's spring steel armour fills the bill for the Western Martial Artist interested in period armoured combat. It's not just strong, well-made, and affordable - it looks medieval. And it's crafted by someone who's a truly ethical and reliable businessman. You simply can't go wrong here."

- Christian Henry Tobler, Selohaar Fechtschule

"Winter Tree Crafts is Erik Schmitt's love affair with armour, and that passion shows in his attention to his customers. The armour is what you ordered, when you ordered it, and is durable, comfortable and based on historical designs. But the extra touch is Erik's attention to staying in touch with the client, giving them updates and checking in after the fact to see how the harness is holding up. It is that something extra that means a lot. If you are looking for those critical safety components for fencing, such as gorgets, or early 14th century harness, WTC and Erik are good place to put your trust."

- Gregory Mele, Chicago Swordplay Guild

"Our group has used Winter Tree gorgets for several years now.  Erik provides great customer service and fast turnaround.  We never hesitate to recommend his work." 

- Shay Roberts, Academy of Arms